Activated Humic Acid

Since Humic Acid is extracted from ancient soil deposits, and it is a powerful chelator, many other substances are attached to and mixed in with the Humic Acid found in the humic substrates around the world.  And no two humic substrate deposits are the same – they vary in chemical composition based on the plants that lived in that region tens and hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The greatest majority of humic substrates worldwide can produce Humic Acid that is a wonderful fertilizer for agriculture, as it typically contains many different minerals and trace elements.  However, to produce Humic Acid that is appropriate for human consumption AND that has the properties of the Humic Acid in ViraFend, the humic substrates need to be put through a complicated and expensive process to remove the unwanted materials, and restore the Humic Acid to its most powerful attraction capabilities.

This process is called “Activating” the Humic Acid, and the result is “Activated Humic Acid” – purified, standardized, sterilized, tested for quality and potency, and ready for action.  The only Humic Acid used in ViraFend Virus Defense Formula is indeed Activated Humic Acid, of the highest quality and potency available anywhere in the world.

All work done to extract and process our Activated Humic Acid is meticulously conducted in US Government approved facilities that are cGMP certified (Good Manufacturing Processes), and FDA approved for pharmaceutical drug manufacturing.

Remember, all Humic Acids are not the same.  Many Humic Acid supplements contain a high degree of Fulvic Acid – another substance derived from the humic substrates from the ancient soil deposits, but there are significant differences between Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid in terms of their molecular structure, and hence their ability to function as potent Virus Attachment Inhibitors (Humic Acid is, and Fulvic Acid isn’t).

If you are considering taking a Humic Acid supplement, insist on a low concentration of Fulvic Acid (under 2%), and ensure your Humic Acid is pure, natural Activated Humic Acid.


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ViraFend® Virus Defense Formula
60 Capsules Per Bottle
ViraFend® Virus Defense Formula
60 Capsules Per Bottle
ViraFend® Virus Defense Formula
60 Capsules Per Bottle

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