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“While viruses are a normal part of the human biome, when viruses reproduce unchecked they can manifest in a wide range of unhealthy conditions, including cold sore outbreaks, herpes outbreaks and many others.  Being proactive to inhibit the ability of viruses to attach to human cells and regulating virus reproduction is the key to maintaining a state of normal health.

In my medical opinion it’s clear that regulating virus reproduction is important to defend against virus reproduction, and especially valuable to learn how to break the cycle of cold sore outbreaks.  The information in this Ebook is absolutely indispensable!”

Dr. Albert Simpkins, MD

Physician and Surgeon

Includes detailed sections on:

►  What Exactly Is A Virus and How Viruses Spread

►  Information About Herpes Viruses & Cold Sore Outbreaks

About HSV-1 (Oral Herpes) & HSV-2 (Genital Herpes)

► Symptoms & Triggers Of Cold Sore Outbreaks

How People Get Infected

Managing A First Outbreak

►  When The Virus Is Dormant

Dietary List Of Potential Trigger Foods

► Myths About Herpes Debunked

► Special Section: Especially For Women

Special Section: Especially For Men

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