Humic Acid Scientific Studies

Humic Acid – the main active ingredient in ViraFend – is extracted from and derived from a substance known as ‘Humates’. Humates have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years as folk remedies for a wide variety of illnesses. Humates are the result of plant and vegetation decomposition over tens of thousands of years; thus they contain a very wide range of chemicals resulting from the variety of plants and the processes of decomposition.

Only as recently as the last 35 years has any credible scientific research been conducted on the subject of Humic Acid for human consumption and for medicinal uses. Since Humic Acid can be extracted (a very complex process) from the right soil deposits, the major pharmaceutical companies have had no burning interest in exploiting it for profit as compared to development and marketing of prescription drugs which they can patent.

Humates are a part of soil, and an essential component of healthy soil for growing crops. Humates exist in many locations around the world, but vary in composition much the same way as crude oils. They are hydrocarbons and contain aromatic and heterocyclic structures, carboxyl groups, and nitrogen. They contain fragments of DNA, RNA and possess many active hydrogen bonding sites making them very chemically reactive. There is some scientific thought that the depletion of humates, or humus, from industrial crops has had deleterious effects on the food supply, and that food grown in humus-depleted soil lacks sufficient quantities of Humic Acid to convey the human health properties it has been known for.

Both the FDA and the US Department of Agriculture have approved Humic Acid as additives and ingredients in soil and in the preparation of materials used in cooking food for humans.

This is based on a very high safety profile resulting from the fact that Humic Acid is natural to the entire food chain. There are many dozens of scientific research studies on human toxicity levels of Humic Acid, and it is considered:

  • Safe and non-toxic up to doses 50 to 100 times the recommended and effective dose in ViraFend
  • Harmless with respect to blood, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, and all human organs
  • Non-allergenic and does not cause anaphylaxis
  • Non-contraindicated with any medications
  • Does not have embryo-toxic properties


According to the National Institutes of Health Virology Department, the LD-50 (the level at which a substance is considered toxic to humans) is .54 grams per kilogram of body weight. In lay terms, if a person weighs 175 lbs. (79 kg), they could safely ingest 540 mg x 79, or over 42,660 mg of Humic Acid without toxic effects. Remember: while it may be safe to ingest higher levels, it is never a good idea to exceed the recommended dosage.

Current repeat toxicity studies presented by Laub BioChem indicate total safety at levels up to 1 mg/kg of body weight; thus, using a 175 lb. subject as an example, they would be able to ingest up to 8,000 mg per day with no safety issues.

Here are several scientific, clinical and research studies conducted by some of the world’s leading researchers attesting to the power, effectiveness, lack of toxicity and safety of Humic Acid:


The NIH published a report titled “Broad Spectrum Antiviral Effectiveness of Humates”. The NIH studied Humic Acid’s virus-attachment inhibition properties for viral diseases such as gastroenteritis, influenza, herpes, chicken pox, mononucleosis and hemorrhagic fevers.

Results showed that Humic Acid, when consumed before the virus invaded the body, was effective in Viral Fusion Inhibition. Tests performed against multiple virus types further confirmed Humic Acid’s broad and effective properties.

Toxicity tests showed that Humic Acid bound itself to human cells but was not itself toxic, nor did it inhibit or interfere with cell development or reproduction.

Broad Spectrum Antiviral Effectiveness of Humates”, National Institutes of Health (NIH)


ViraFend’s Activated Humic Acid’s safety and efficacy have been proven and validated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The official scientific measure of a substance’s potency against a virus or biological agent is called the “EC50” test – which measures the level of the substance being tested to achieve a 50% ‘kill rate’ against the virus the substance – in our case Humic Acid – is being tested on.

EC50 levels are scored, with a LOWER EC50 meaning a greater potency and effect.

► EC50 levels over 100 are not considered extremely effective
► EC50 levels from 50 to 100 are considered effective within approvable levels
► EC50 levels below 50 are considered very effective
► EC50 levels below 10 are considered extremely effective
► EC50 levels below 5 are considered the highest possible effectiveness

Following is a summary table of the EC50 levels validated by the National Institutes of Health, Virology Branch in Bethesda, MD.

ViraFend National Institutes of Health Effectiveness Tests


Natural Humic Acids are approved for human consumption by the FDA, the US Department of Agriculture, and the Code of Federal Regulations for food additives.

US Food and Drug Administration Title 21
Approval of Humic Acid (Sodium Humate) for Human Consumption


US Department of Agriculture – 7 CFR 205
Approval of ‘Naturally occurring deposits’ of Humic Acid for use in organic crop production


Institute of Biological Sciences, Moscow
Profs. R. Klocking and M. Sprossig: Experientia

Research on Humic Acid’s activity in immune support is also strong.

After an extensive study on Humic Acid conducted in Moscow, researchers concluded that pharmaco-biological tests proved Humic Acid was effective in helping the body’s immune system regulate viral reproduction because Humic Acid raised the body’s immunity fighting functions.

The study also reinforced other findings that showed Humic Acid was harmless to humans when ingested or applied topically, and did not result in any allergies or adverse reactions.

“Medical studies show that difficult respiratory illnesses common in children are readily resolved with Humic Acid dietary supplementation. Humic Acid is found in rich organic soil and also certain ancient plant deposits.”

“Medical Aspects and Applications of Humic Substances”
By Prof. Dr. Renate Klocking & Dr. Bjorn Helbig, Institute for Antiviral Chemotherapy, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany


“Preliminary in-vitro studies with Coxsackie A9 virus, influenza A virus and herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) have already shown that (Humic Substances) are effective against both naked and enveloped DNA viruses (Klocking and Sprosig, 1972, 1975; Thiel et al., 1977).”

“Further investigations corroborate the ability of (Humic Acid) to inhibit selectively viruses for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and type 2 (HIV-2), cytomegalovirus (CMV) and vaccinia virus (Schols et al., 1991; Neyts et al., 1992).”


“…it appears likely that the poly-anionic Humic Acids occupy positively charged domains of the viral envelope glycoproteins, which are necessary for virus attachment to the cell surface (Neyts et al., 1992).”


Humates bolster the immune system in several ways. Dr. Daryl See, MD, Immunologist at UCLA Medical School suggests that the mechanism is related to the humates’ ability to complex (bind) sugars within the body. The abundance of these complex sugars allows the body to manufacture glycoproteins that attach to the Killer and T cells, acting as a modulator or communication link between the cells.

This regulates the immune system cells and prevents either the T or Killer cells from becoming out of balance. Excessive Killer cells can attack bone and joints causing arthritis and a range of auto-immune diseases.


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ViraFend® Virus Defense Formula
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ViraFend® Virus Defense Formula
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